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Certain creations symbolize an era; certain designs become trends.

Over its long history, Sunsundegui has become a leader in the design of vehicle bodies.

Once again, with the SC7, Sunsundegui has created a harmony of shapes, clean and clear, once again having an original front end that characterizes the brand, as well as a simple and elegant rear.

All of the finishing details have been designed to create an impression, such as the mirrors that are perfectly integrated with the body and the interior that creates a perfect symbiosis with the outside.

We have done it again; the SC7 hits the roads, offering: DESIGN, SAFETY, ERGONOMICS, MAINTENANCE…

Some will admire it as it passes by, others will follow its lead.

The SC7 is the SUNSUNDEGUI luxury coach, designed for long distances, especially for regular and occasional services.

This versatile and high quality finish body structure is significantly lighter, to compensate for the weight of the EURO6 chassis; giving improved vehicle performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The SC7 has an optimised luggage hold specifically designed to support a capacity of up to 12.95m3.

The coach offers a wide range of possibilities to increase its fuel capacity to 910L.

Its ergonomic, spacious and comfortable driving position allows the driver easy access to all the bus control equipment.

One of the biggest advantages of this body structure is its low maintenance cost, which translates into increased profitability for the customer.

The interior design of the vehicle is fully upholstered, bringing a touch of elegance, brightness and distinction to the bus.

The superstructure meets the new R66.02 rollover regulations required for official approval.

Its spacious and bright interior features a panoramic windscreen providing maximum forward visibility with its “optikool” laminated treatment.

The SC7 model is available in different lengths:


12.345 mm 55 seats + driver + guide 10.21 m³
13.125 mm 59 seats + driver + guide 11.95 m³
13.945 mm 63 seats + driver + guide 11.01 m³
14.995 mm 71 seats + driver + guide 12.35 m³


  • Passengers will enjoy maximum visibility and greater comfort thanks to the panoramic and heat reflective windscreen.
  • 100%  LED illumination in the interior and exterior of the vehicle.
  • Tinted passenger windows.
  • Light and airy interior with attractive, easy-clean upholstery.
  • Passenger information and entertainment via LCD screens (22” front and 19” rear screens).
  • State of the art door design providing more interior space and an aerodynamic external finish.



Espejos anticolisión que cumplen con la normativa de seguridad
  • SC7 coach bodywork complies with the strictest safety regulations (66.02 standard).
  • Specially reinforced front structure providing added protection to the driver/courier area.
  • New mirrors:
    • Flush-fitting.
    • Anti-collision mechanism incorporated to give added protection in low impact accidents.
  • Reinforced passenger area with crumple panels which afford greater protection in the case of impact.
    Strategically located reversing camera.


Ergonomy – Comfort

  • The 4 low steps at the wider front entrance provide easier access especially to the elderly and people with reduced mobility.
  • New flush-fitting front access design provides greater thermal and acoustic insulation as well as being easier to clean.
  • Courier seat with improved ergonomic design and 3 point seatbelt.
  • Wide and spacious driver area.
  • The new mirror location provides greater visibility and a more comfortable driving position to the driver.
  • Modern front blinds with scissor opening/closing mechanism.
  • Improved passenger seat distribution.
  • Luggage racks incorporating individual ventilation and LED reading lights for each passenger.
  • Easily visible electronic display panels showing passengers their route and destination information. Two possible locations: on the dashboard or in the upper part of he windscreen.



  • The aerodynamic design of the SC7 and the fairing of the air conditioning unit provides greatly reduced fuel consumption.
  • Speedier maintenance thanks to easy access to front and rear headlights, spare wheel and rear engine.
  • Standard bi-halogen headlights reduce maintenance. Optional BiLED headlights offer even greater savings in downtime.
  • The new anti-collision design of the front mirrors greatly reduces mirror breakage and the need to carry spares.
  • Rear engine cover with increased ventilation, prepared to comply with new Euro 6 legislation.
  • Easy access to vital chassis components in the event of a breakdown.
  • Quick diagnosis of electrical faults – centralized location of both chassis and body electrical panels in luggage compartment.


You can download the SC7 catalogue here

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