SB3 Go Simplicity and Functionality

Designed for the short and middle distance, the concept of new Sb3 Go is based on simplicity and functionality. The new modular and multitask interiors of the vehicle have been conceived for the maximum passenger’s enjoyment.

The practical and modern driver´s controls layout makes Sb3 a competitive solution focused on comfort and the benefit of the operator.

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New exterior lines of Sb3 Go, optimize the space, and contributes to a wider access to the vehicle. The design objective is to maximize the seating capacity of the vehicle, maintaining at the same time Sundundegui´s characteristic product features related to body structure and interiors.

Wide windscreen: it allows the integration of the front destination board on top of the windscreen, in an enclosed area, not allowing any glaring to the driver and increasing the driver security.

The headlights incorporate LED technology as standard, allowing easy dimming. In addition, as optional, the vehicle has cornering lights

At the rear part of the coach, the tailgate maintains its distinct design that not only ensures the engine ventilation, but also provides the characteristic design of Sunsundegui vehicles.

The doors are electric single-leaf as standard, both front and rear. The emergency system is integrated on both front and rear doors. The lift is located in the middle door, this improves adjustment, maintenance and comfort.

Sunsundegui incorporates the latest safety technology in all the vehicles. The front structure is reinforced against possible impacts, thus providing greater protection to the driver and the passenger. The Sb3 Go is a very robust and reliable coach, in accordance with he rest of the Sunsundegui models – brand identity.

Both the front and the front bumper are prepared for the installation of driving assistance systems, automatic braking and lane departure system (DSS).

Security is improved by incorporating the reversing camera and the display on the dashboard through the 10-inch TFT screen.

The modular design improves the maintenance of electrical installations, air conditioning, heating, and chassis.

The electrical, chassis and body control units have been unified in a single location, with access from the inside of the vehicle. Providing more safety, it allows all operations to be carried out from inside the bus.

The Sb3 Go has convenient accesses for the maintenance of both the front and rear lights as well as the engine components, through interior hatches and the wide tailgate.

It has easy indoor and outdoor accesses, which increases the profitability of the vehicle by minimizing downtimes.

The multiplexed architecture integrates the control of air conditioning, demister, heating unit, radio and rear-view mirrors. In addition, the connection to the chassis has a fault diagnosis system, which is standard on all vehicles. All this information is displayed on the screen fitted for this purpose on the dashboard.


Enjoy the pleasant driving experience in the new driver’s seat.

Designed to enjoy the route with maximum comfort, manoeuvrability and control of the environment.

Safety is essential and is present with the installation of the screen behind the driver and the side door. With the possibility of adding partial and complete enclosures. Moreover, a safe and several spaces for personal belongings have been considered.

Ergonomics in the driving position are included both in the driver seat and in the access to the control and visibility panels.

For a better experience on the road, a motorized blind has been installed that allows the adjustment of this equipment comfortably.

The strategic location of the rear-view mirrors makes the driving enjoyable and allows the driver for an optimal view like a car. The mirrors are electrically adjustable and heated. In addition, the assembly can be adapted to all the requirements of the regulations.

The SB3 Go is created to ensure a pleasant user experience.

With a wide access to the interior of the vehicle, its solid structure ensures a quiet ride.

Its spacious interior incorporates, in the middle of the ceiling, the characteristic Sunsundegui cross lighting by fitting LEDs.

And for an optimal climate sensation, the Sb3 Go features an air conditioning system with interior convection effect, “cold roof”.

The Sb3 seats offer greater comfort on board, for maximum comfort and enjoyment of the passage.

The Sb3 Go has a standard equipment with radio, USB socket for audio and video playback, hands-free, digital amplifier, and integrated multifunction display, all for the entertainment of passengers.

Individual air and light vents and USB charger can be mounted. The possibility of modularly equipping for the luggage rack is also available.

The Sb3 Go is equipped with the most reliable equipment referring to AVL units, passengers’ screens, CCTV, USB ports, destination boards, audio / video units and others. This guarantees and excellent service of the coach.

The layout of seated and standing places optimizes the interior space to the maximum. The goal of this coach is to maximize the adaptability to the customer in order to meet the requirements and expectations.

The location of the lift and the arrangement of the handrails are adapted according to the safety standards and comfort of the users.

Its wide windscreen allows the destination board to be integrated into an enclosed compartment, eliminating any possibility of glaring and increasing driving safety.

Emphasizes the spaciousness and lightness in the interior design.

The flowing and elegant lines prevail in the new dashboard.

The interior capacity of the passenger area reaches the maximum number of seats in its class (59 at 12.5 m, 63 at 13.25 m and more than 20 standing passengers).