Quality policy

Quality policy

Our quality management policy

We are committed to personalised attention to clients, designing products that take into account and foster the achievement of their business goals through constant and consistent technological innovation and the utmost care in the design and development of our vehicles. We also take into account continuous improvement and prevention of occupational risks while maintaining a deep respect for the environment. Sunsundegui has become a fundamental driver for economic and social development, as well as for the life of the Sakana community.

Sunsundegui is a company devoted to coachwork for coaches and buses. Located in Alsasua, it has been a fundamental pillar in the economy, life and development of the Sakana community since 1958.

Sunsundegui is committed to personalised attention to clients, designing products according to their specific requirements. It is also committed to permanent innovation in the technologies of its products and processes. It further bases its Quality Management philosophy on continuous improvement, on the prevention of occupational risks and on the environment.

The principles that govern our performance are:

Clients are the essential element, our company’s reason for being and a scarce asset. We must listen to their needs and interpret their expectations to earn their loyalty.

Continuous improvement in all areas is our guarantee of survival. We must work as a team to continuously improve our competitiveness.

The staff at Sunsundegui is one of its most valuable assets, so continuous and suitable training and involvement in the company’s goals is a priority.

Compliance with environmental regulations, product and people safety and the level of quality required by our clients are all a concern of the company. We must regularly review our management system to ensure compliance.

Our suppliers contribute in a valuable way to meet the needs of our clients. We must foster alliances to ensure supply.

We set specific objectives in Annual Management Plan to measure Quality Management.

Sunsundegui has implemented and maintains a HEALTH AND SAFETY PLAN. This Plan is reviewed regularly and subjected to continuous improvement in common agreement with employees and their representatives.

This should lead us to be perceived by the market as a company that works with its clients by providing a creative response to their needs, by society as a creator of local wealth that is respectful with the environment and by workers as an organisation where they would like to develop their professional careers.


General Manager

January 2019